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Owning and operating a business in Arizona is no simple task. Throughout a company’s time in business, legal issues are likely to arise, causing unexpected time and financial constraints on your business. With an experienced business law attorney by your side, you can navigate the complex legal system with accurate knowledge and assistance. Our team is committed to providing only the best services to each of our business clients.


A Buy-Sell Agreement is important for all Arizona partnerships, corporate entities, and other business organizations. It is in the best interest of each co-owner to determine the best course of action upon the situation of an owner’s departure. To find the best terms...

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Many times, individuals start a new business without documenting who owns what. Later a disagreement arises and the parties are in a gray area over who owns the company assets. Under Arizona law, a joint venture is formed when two or more parties agree to pursue a...

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If you pay your property taxes through your monthly mortgage payment, you probably are not concerned about delinquent property taxes. Your mortgage lender pays those taxes directly when they come due. However, some property owners pay their property taxes directly to...

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In order to be enforceable, a non-compete agreement must be reasonable in both its length of time and the geographic territory. What is reasonable is subject to interpretation but the time and territory must be no greater than necessary to protect the employer’s...

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New Year Resolutions: Update Estate Plan

The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to review your estate plan—and if needed—update it to ensure it continues to align with your personal goals. Estate planning goals change over time for many reasons and if you’ve experienced a life-changing event recently,...

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Can You Really Trust an Online Trust?

You say you can’t afford an attorney to help you create a trust. Quite frankly, you can’t afford not to use an attorney to help you create a trust. Granted, everyone wants to save time and money. But when your family is concerned and your legacy is at stake, those are...

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